How to Motivate Clients to Rebook

How to Motivate Clients to Rebook

Deliver Beyond Expectations Clients will only rebook if they receive exceptional service. Salons are a dime a dozen, what makes your salon and services special? Ensuring your client is happy when she leaves your chair is the first and most crucial step.

Offer to Rebook Remember, rebooking benefits you more than it benefits the client in some cases. Simply offering to rebook is something that is often skipped by stylists and their front desk staff. In most cases the client will not ask to rebook, you need to offer. Think about adding an incentive to get clients into the habit of rebooking. Once they start doing it, they’ll keep doing it.

Tell Them Why The dreaded “I’ll just call when I’m ready to book”. We all know this is code for “I’ll call in a panic 3 days before an event and try to squeeze in”. Most humans procrastinate, it’s in our nature. Let’s try to break this habit to reduce stress in both ourselves and our clients. If you’re dealing with a client that isn’t on a set cut or colour schedule and is avoiding rebooking, get them to think about the near future. Ask if they have any special events coming up. Wedding, birthdays and special events are your ticket to rebooking these types of clients. Use the event date as a point of reference and mention that booking ahead for the week of that event will avoid disappointment as your schedule fills up quickly.

Know When to Ask I find there are only two moments during an appointment where it’s appropriate to ask a client if he or she would like to rebook. If the client is in your salon for a cut or style, I would say the perfect time to ask is when they are at the front desk cashing out. This is often the responsibility of the receptionist. If there are booking incentives, make sure your reception staff is aware. If a client is in for a colour service, I find the best time to ask them to rebook would be during the processing time. Use this 30 minutes to make sure your client is comfortable. Offer a beverage or magazine but also make them aware that you value their time and don’t want them to have to stick around after their appointment to rebook.

Follow Up – Often clients are in a rush to leave and mention they don’t have time to rebook and they will call to do so. Don’t be afraid to follow up. Most clients will leave the salon with the intention of calling, but life happens and they never do. Make a quick call or send a quick personalized text, “Hey ______, I noticed you were in a bit of a rush so I’m just touching base to see if you had a second to book your next appointment. I just want to make sure I keep your hair looking its best!”


Use these tips and implement some of your own to get your clients into the habit of rebooking. Once they do, they’ll appreciate how stress free and convenient it is.

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