5 Ways to Project Confidence

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5 Ways to Project Confidence

There’s almost no worse thing for a client than sitting down in a stylist’s chair, having a cape draped over your shoulders and looking into the eyes of a professional who does not project confidence. Now let me clarify, confidence and talent are two very different things. Having the education to know how to approach a situation and achieve a style is one thing, but do you look like you know how to from behind the chair? Remember that competence bears little relationship to confidence.

Here are 5 tips we’ve come up with to help ensure you look the part before you act on it!


  • Watch Your Posture – Remember, the client will always almost have eyes on you. Understand that the way you feel affects your body language. If you are feeling assured and confident you stand taller and straighter. When you’re feeling insecure you slump or slouch. But were you aware that the reverse is also true? Keep in mind your posture has a direct link to your brain and impacts your emotions!


  •  Play to Your Strengths – Think of past salon related success you’ve had. The bigger the better! Then remember the sense of power and accomplishment you felt. Hold onto that feeling of genuine emotion before approaching a client for their consultation.


  •  Loosen Up – You can build confidence by honing your ability to commit to a course of action. Your gut instinct is usually right! However, stay flexible and don’t tighten up if you’re forced to quickly change direction. Hair doesn’t always cooperate!


  • Be an Optimist – Is the glass empty or half full? It’s both. The only difference is where you chose to focus your attention. A positive, upbeat attitude is crucial for success. Spending too much time worrying about possible negative outcomes is a waste of your time and your client’s time. Formulate a game plan and go with it!


  • Embrace Failure – Now let’s say you formulated that plan, put it in motion, and the result wasn’t favorable. This is where you need to focus your energy on your knowledge over nerves! Don’t get down on yourself. Mistakes happen and hair doesn’t always react in a way we expect. This is all a natural part of learning and growing as a stylist. Now focus on what did go right and use those positives, paired with countless hours of formal and practical education to formulate a new and improved action plan!

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