The Importance of Offering Services That Will Never Be “Do It Yourself”

The Importance of Offering Services That Will Never Be “Do It Yourself”

It seems as though everywhere you look these days, it’s DIY this and DIY that. Less and less is being left to professionals as the Do It Yourself trend takes over. You may have noticed this has already affected your salon profit margins but aren’t quite sure what to do about it. Clients seem to be applying color and toners, trimming bangs and appointment stretching like never before. Is it about saving a buck? Is it about convenience?  We as the professionals will never fully understand it. What we do know is that with “open to the public” suppliers offering professional products to non-professionals and thousands upon thousands of YouTube tutorials available at your fingertips it’s never been easier to see your stylist less and less.

With that in mind, it has never been more critical to your business’ success than to offer ‘salon only” services! Services that must be done by a professional in a reputable salon! Here at Keragreen we work tirelessly to ensure that our products are only available to licensed hair stylists who have completed our certification program. This means you will never see Keragreen products on the shelves of your local beauty supplier, nor will you see Keragreen services available at salons that have not been approved us!

This is how we ensure revenue from our products to your salon. Consumers simply can’t get it anywhere else! Rest assured that the Keragreen Smoothing System will never be available to the public. This has value in itself. While you can’t control how often clients see you or how they maintain their other services, we most definitely can control where they get their Keragreen Smoothing Treatment or Relaxer applied. Remember, this is money in your pocket!

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