Summer hair = Summer damage. Here’s how to fix it fast!

Summer hair = Summer damage.  Here’s how to fix it fast!

We just crept into September, fall is around the corner. Cooler weather is a sign of changes that need to happen to your hair care routine. I think it’s safe to say we love summer substantially more than our hair does! It’s time to undo the damage incurred and help your hair looks and feels its absolute best for the new season. When we think summer hair, we think highlights, beach waves and blondes. To me, all of that means one thing – DAMAGE. September is the perfect time to restore moisture and nutrients to your beautiful locks. Here’s how to do it with Keragreen!

Switch shampoo and conditioner!

While maintaining your hair moisture is important all year-round, it’s essential for cooler weather when your skin and scalp get dry and sometimes, itchy. The Keragreen Protein Shampoo and Conditioner are full of the essentials to get your hair back in tip top shape! Amino acids, vitamins, essential oils will all moisturize, rejuvenate and strengthen your hair.

Detox your hair and scalp!

Summer = buildup. The combination of sweat, styling sprays, sunscreen, sand, and more can also leave your hair feeling limp. The Keragreen Clarifying Shampoo works like a detox in a way for your scalp and hair, getting rid of any build-up and restoring natural nutrients. No need to overdo it on this one, just give your hair a clean slate again.

Incorporate a hair mask and leave in treatment!

Use a leave in treatment like Kera Hydrate every time you style and a deep conditioning mask like Kera Renew once a week, especially as the temperature drops even further. The colder temps, hats, and scarves can all bring the static to your hair at an alarming rate. Keeping your hair well-moisturized will save your it from sticking to your face and cold weather accessories. Kera Hydrate is formulated with Argan Oil and Bamboo extracts that will restore your hair without weighing it down. The Kera Renew Mask will renew your hair’s vitality and seal the cuticle to help protect against future damage.

Get a trim!

We all know this one, but only a small percentage of us actually take action. Even with the right products and tips, trimming off dead or damaged ends will always help your hair grow healthier and stronger. Sacrificing a few inches of length will be worth it in the long run!

Bring on September and your healthiest hair to date!


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