Why ALL Your Clients Need Kerageen!

So you’ve tried Keragreen and love it. It’s now a staple in your salon, offering your guests shiny, silky, manageable hair. But are you aware you’re missing out on a huge part of the market?

Long locks are no longer specific to one gender. With the man bun and long, flowy do’s gaining popularity, there’s a trend that’s been growing — both literally and figuratively — over the past year or two. Do you realize which potential clients you may have overlooked when speaking about Keragreen? That’s right! Light bulb moment!

Husbands, brothers, fathers, friends- they all have one thing in common when it comes to their long hair. They want to be trendy and rock their longer mane but often don’t know how to care for it. Frizzy buns and poofy ponytails should be a thing of the past! Take a look at Jason Mamoa, Jared Leto, Harry Styles, Leonardo Dicaprio, Orlando Bloom and many more! This isn’t a trend that’s being cut anytime soon!

Now here’s where you come in. Education, education, education- and Keragreen! It’s likely these potential clients (especially the newbies) won’t pull out a flat iron or round brush every morning to tame their mane, wouldn’t you agree? But if they were offered a quick, in salon service that would make every day easier, without the added stress of hot tools, don’t you think they would jump on board the Keragreen frizz free train? We sure do think so!

We love the trend – when executed properly. Help ensure ALL your clients stay healthy, shiny, and frizz free! Offer Keragreen!

With all this new potential, how will you put this idea to good use in your salon?

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