KeraGreen Frequently Asked Questions

No. For best results, colour or highlight the hair before the Keragreen Keratin treatment.
Yes. For best results, we would need to open the hair cuticle by using the Keragreen clarifying shampoo
It is recommended that you wash after 4 days using the Keragreen Keratin & Protein Shampoo and Conditioner. And continuing to use these products on a regular basis in order to maintain the treatment in your hair.
Every 2 to 3 months, or as needed. Every time you redo the treatment you should apply to entire hair (not only roots) as the Keragreen slowly fades away from the hair. If you choose to do it more frequently, there is no harm in doing so as this is a natural and organic product.
Blow dry or flat iron immediately. The hair must stay as straight and as dry as possible during the first 4 days in order to see best results.
It is recommended that you wait a few days after you wash your hair for the first time after the treatment before going to the beach or pool. Moreover, it is important to know that Salt and Chlorine are not healthy for the hair and they can strip any treatment much faster. Avoiding the two is ideal.
Yes, you can do the treatment every month if desired, The Keragreen will help restore your hair as it is rich in vital ingredients such as vitamins and proteins.
It is recommended that you cut your hair after the treatment.
Not during the first 4 days. You can do so only after washing your hair. The hair must stay straight at all times during the first 4 days, even at night.
Yes, the Keragreen formula is safe and can be used over other treatment without damage to hair.
Although our formula is safe, and there are no known side effects, pregnant and nursing women should consult with a physician before any type of hair treatment such as keratin, colour or highlights.
It is highly recommended that you use the KeraGreen Keratin & Protein Shampoo and Conditioner in order to help preserve the keratin treatment. Moreover, the Keragreen line has styling products which contain keratin inside as an ingredient, and as a result, can help improve the hair and preserve the treatment even further.
No. you should not use any products on your hair for the first 4 days of the treatment.
KeraGreen Keratin can last up to 2 months on virgin hair, and up to 4 months on chemically treated (coloured) hair.
Firstly, this is a professional product which is only used in hair salons. The stylist must wash your hair with the "Pre-treatment clarifying shampoo", twice if needed. without using a conditioner afterward. Then, at the station, dry the hair up to 80%. The Keragreen treatment is then applied, section by section, from root to end. After the application is over, the client must sit under the dryer for 20 min. After the time is up, the stylist must blow dry the hair, section by section, and flat iron the hair, going over each section 4-6 times until hair is sealed. The client must acquire the After Care shampoo and conditioner and follow instructions.
No. The Keragreen is Formaldehyde Free.